What is a Jackplate and why your boat needs one?

What is a Jackplate and why your boat needs one?

What is a Jackplate?

A Jackplate is a specially designed mounting bracket that lets you raise your outboard vertically, higher than initial mounting height. By setting back the outboard, the propeller will be rotating in cleaner, undisturbed and "harder" water allowing your outboard to work more efficiently. The setback allows you to lift your outboard and position the propeller closer to the water line. This removes much of the lower unit from the water which reduces drag and increases outboard's RMPs compared to initial installation.

Jackplate benefits:

- increases boat's top speed by up to 15%
Our tests show that the RPM increase with a 60 HP Outboard is approximately 400 RPM allowing you to use 1" higher pitch propeller with the same configuration, thus the higher top speed.
- greatly reduces get on plane time
- allows you to run shallower water
- improves your fuel efficiency
- makes steering easier.

DonMarine's Manual Jackplate is made from Stainless steel using only the best components available. Premium quality. Made and shipped from the EU. No aluminum, just Stainless steel. No other brand uses Stainless steel due to its harder working requirements.

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